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Slice Of The Moon Smudge Wand

Slice Of The Moon Smudge Wand

The ghost of the Moon, Selene, told the others her plan to tie herself to the Moon, with objection from all the other Moon Nymphs. She said she wanted to be closer to the Moon, part of it. She carried a cord woven by the Moon Weaver, with her up the moonbeam stairs, until she reached the Moons illuminated surface. She swung across the sky on the moonlights swing, looping the cord around the Moon, and herself inside it's knot.


The Moon opened her eyelids to see what all the fuss was about, to find Selene mounted to her surface.


"Child what on the Moon are you doing, and why have you attached yourself to me?" She chuckled, perplexed, and waited for an answer.


"Why Mother Moon, I feel so vibrant basking in your light beams, and I feel so powerful next to you, that I felt the only way I could truly be whole, is to be a part of you." Selene replied.


"Selene, you're being silly dear, but I know just how to make you happy. I will give you a slice of myself each day to hold onto, until there is nothing left of me in the sky, and then you will fly through the sky, and place me back into the night, and make me whole again for one night of the month. This way, you may always have me with you, but I can share myself in fractions with the Earth beings and other Moon Nymphs."


"What an honor that would be! I accept a thousands times your offer!" Selene exclaimed as she slipped out from under the Moon Weavers cord.


The Slice of the Moon Smudge Wand~Ghost Pipe Flowers, Lavender, Lemon Verbena Twigs, Cedar, Queen Anne's Lace, Balsam Fir, Vetiver Root, Peony Petals, Paperwhite Flowers, a birch bark moon crescent, and a raw quartz crystal point.

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