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Spring Daydreams meld into Midsummer Night Dreams Sample Pack

Spring Daydreams meld into Midsummer Night Dreams Sample Pack

Sample Pack Price; $49

{$30 Discount; Normal Price $79}

Limited sample pack curated by me from my numerous perfume collections. The perfect set of fragrances to sample as Spring turns to Summer. Sweet Honey, Lucsious Fruit, Plump Florals, and Cool Precious Woods amongst this range of organic perfume samples.

The treelines melt into the sky; the jungle of the forest, now green, lush and full of life, sparkling beneath the violet blue sky. The grass has filled it's patches, ready for bare feet. Flowers are beginning to bloom, and there are plenty of opportunities to stop and smell them, as the sun cascades down on the garden. Spring Daydreams meld into Midsummer Night Dreams, Spring turns to Summer.

The perfect collection to sample through the season.

Pollen Custard

Half-Baked Flowers

Flower Fever

Honey Bee Jive Hive Musk


Queen of the Night

Starlight In Flight

Your perfume samples will arrive in a green gift box, tucked between dried flowers and botanicals from our gardens, and adorned in ribbon and charms. An artwork card is included, in a gold envelope, stamped with our wax insignia. The handwritten note on back can be addressed to whomever you'd like for gifting, or to yourself as a perfect little mid-spring gift!

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