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Spring Pollen Tonic Tea

Spring Pollen Tonic Tea

Silver Birch Catkins
Norway Spruce Tips with Pollen Cones
Wild Dandelion Flowers, Leaf, and Root
Wild Violet Flowers and Leaf
Lemon Verbena
Sourced Organic Yunnan Black Tea

A delicious Spring Pollen Tonic Tea. Detoxing, renewing the body for the seasons ahead. Silver Birch Catkins, Norway Spruce Tips with Pollen Cones, and Elderflowers, all rich in pollen, and natural yeasts, which provide a non animal source of vitamin D, explode with flavor in this tasty tea. They are also very high in vitamin C, purify the blood, stimulate the kidneys and liver, and strengthen the immune system. Wild Dandelions, are the perfect source of zinc, iron, and vitamins C, K, A, B and E. Dandelion roots are known as nature's liver tonic for good reason.  Violets, an incredible source of vitamin C, they contain far more than oranges! Sweet Mint, so fresh and flavorful, provides copper, iron, and vitamins  A, B, C, E, and K. Lemon Verbana adds a delicious, fresh flavor and fragrance. 

This tea is a Spring offering of all the wild and amazing botanicals here in our pristine New England Forest. All botanicals are wildcrafted from our land, dried, blended, and packaged for tea. This tea is incredibly fresh, and besides providing detoxification properties, is also an incredible immune booster, providing many of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients our immune system needs to be strong and resilient. Organic Black Tea provides a small amount of caffeine and antioxidants.

The taste is green, fresh, floral, slightly tangy, and sweet. I love it as an early afternoon pick me up with a handful of trail mix or nuts, or on occasion a yummy sourdough bisquit drizzled with honey, or a nice tea cookie dunked in quickly. Yum.  
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