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Tea Time in the Forest

Tea Time in the Forest

This tea is the bees knees! When you add a bit of honey, it's the best tea you'll ever drink! And because you are drinking tea made from freshly dried organic botanicals, it's chock full of vitamins and nutrients. Chases away colds and flus, and fortifies your body with what you need to prevent them. It's detoxifies, and it tastes really, really scrumptious! It's like all the sweetness of our forest and garden packed into a cup! 

Grand Fir
Balsam Fir
Chocolate Mint
Bee Balm

All plants are grown in our organic garden or harvested from our pristine New England Forest. We hand harvest all plants at their peak, dry them separately from my perfume plants, in a very clean environment, (on covered, hanging racks in my studio pantry), and cure them in glass before blending and packaging in food grade, resealable, recyclable bags. All bags of loose tea are accompanied with compostable disposable tea bags. My favorite liquid gold to sweeten the tea with, is my Grindelia Perfumed Honey! One sip and you'll be wondering when you can get more! But this lovely tea is made only once a year nab a bag of tea and enjoy while you can!

This is a loose whole plant tea. This means the ingredients are chopped, but kept as whole as possible to retain all of their vitamins and nutrients. All teas are loose, and packaged in a food-grade, quality, resealable bag, which can be reused, or recycled once tea is consumed. All teas are accompanied with 20 compostable, one time use tea bags, but tea can be placed in a tea strainer, or whichever method you prefer for loose tea. Tea is best consumed within 6 months of purchase to obtain it's nutrients, vitamins, and herbal benefits, but if stored in a cool, dry place , away from sunlight, it can last up to a year. It will not expire, but it will lose potency over time.
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