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The Enchanted Winter Forest~A Prelude

The Enchanted Winter Forest~A Prelude

A prelude, a forward to the collection.......

In the Enchanted Winter Forest, The Frosted Forest, a green cottage, stone within it's walls,and also paving it's garden pathways. The Winter has hushed the gardens to sleep, which in Spring and Summer are a feat to keep. Although the flowers and plants are asleep, there's still much to do within the walls of the cottage.

Inside enchantment is amidst, and magic in the air, for the plants grown through the season, are now being concocted into potions, elixirs for skin and hair. If you are looking for the norm, it's not what you'll find, but rather skin loving spells, that are one of a kind! Food for the skin, beautiful fragrance for the senses, and magic for the mind!

Winter is not yet over.......

For the stories of the Enchanted Winter Forest have yet to be told.......

The Enchanted Winter Forest has a name;

The Frosted Forest.

The Frosted Forest has a hidden Forest within it's Forest,

Those who know this place, call it the Heartland.

The new Enchanted Winter Forest Collection brings with it the stories of the forest folk. Not average by any standards, for the beings who inhabit this forest possess the magic of the earth, the elements, and the Moon. When Winter has tucked the rest of us in, to hibernate and sleep, the Frosted Forest comes alive, and with it the secrets it keeps.

The Winter months bring with them a smaller world inside the Enchantress's Cabin. Creativity springs from fortitude, bringing forth stories of magic through writing, formulating potions and elixirs, and breathing life into legends brought forth. Unfolding mysteries, unearthing threads of truth, discovering new aspects of the life force of the plants, their roots calling from beneath the snow, unlocking how to use their magic preserved from seasons before the Winter freeze. These are my stories of the Enchanted Winter Forest told through scent and vibration. The years before poured into glass vessels, pieces of the forest, and the magic that inhabits it, contained within.

Although looking out over the snow covered forest may seem quiet, unassuming, even sleeping; it is wide awake in front of your very eyes, another realm slipped between the bread slices of dimensions, like a cake, each slice it's own world. Unseen, through the looking glass, and on the same plain of existence. Those who see, know, and those who are sensitive, may hear a murmur, a whisper in one of your ears, a heartbeat that is not your own, or feel a gentle brush upon you, wind without a gust, as if someone or something has just passed you by. The one thing in common, is we are all not under the same sky.

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