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The Fairytale Garden~ Solid Enfleurage Perfume

The Fairytale Garden~ Solid Enfleurage Perfume

5 ml mini size in a reusable glass perfume jar, or 20 ml in a reusable gold and glass jar. Shelf life is 2 years


A cabin in the woods, ivy covered stone work throughout it's build, and a chimney made of granite boulders, piping fragrant smoke of fire herb bundles made of conifer boughs and wine berries, and logs of oak and maple burning in the hearth. The front porch shows signs of young child, sidewalk chalk and a pogo stick. A pair of men's boots, and garden dirt encrusted woman's wellies, are lined up nearly next to the door. The stairs are lined with potted plants, vines and tendrils of plants spilling over.


The first thing you notice upon finding this remote place, are the flowers that surround it, something is always in bloom in every corner of the garden, which wraps around from the front to the back. Lilacs, Daffodils, Hyacinths, Flowering Dogwood, Violets, Peony bushes peeking out from between Tiger Lilies, Lily-of-the-Valley, Tulips, Crocus, Meadowsweet, tufts of Elderflower, Quince, and Sweet Woodruff in Spring. The display transitions in Summer, into magnificent Lilies, Milkweed, Salvia, smiling Irises, green Hazelnuts, Honeysuckle tendrils, purple Deerstongue flower stalks, Sunflowers, Grapevines open their heart shaped leaves, Daisies, Black Eyed Susan's, Gardenias on constant parade, Coneflowers, Jasmine vines wrapping around whatever they can grab onto, Lavender and Carnations all in a row, Roses galore, and the fruit trees bare flowers, and than tiny fruits. In Autumn the black walnuts plunk to the ground, green pines cones munched by the squirrels, the Tuberose send out their perfume, Datura open to white umbrella flowers, stone fruit hang heavy and juicy from branches, Angelica's purple stalks bear flowers, Carrot blooms turn to fragrant seed, Goldenrod gold the field, and the Artemisia stand tall, their flowers open, sweet pollen in the air.


To enter the Fairytale Garden when most flowers are in full bloom, and blossoms hang heavy with nectar, is a treat not only for the eyes, but a feast for the nose. The sweet perfume flowers permeate the air with their scent songs, colliding with the green music of the forest. One can get lost for hours just walking through, and even longer if you stop to smell the flowers, which you must!


I created this perfume as to capture the scent of our Fairytale Garden. When I first began creating perfume, my sole intention was to capture the beautiful fragrances from our garden. Here I have swirled the magic of several enfleurages pomades together; Paperwhite, Rose, Gardenia, Jasmine, Carnation, and a multi-flower enfleurage of Peony, Lilac, and Honeysuckle. There is absolutely nothing but the enfleurage pomades in this solid perfume. No additional extractions we're necessary. The enfleurage pomades together, were laid with thousands of flowers this Spring, Summer, and Fall.


When I post photos of the process on my Instagram, and you see the trays and trays of flowers I pick for the enfleurages, this perfume is akin to burying your face in that tray of flowers. If you were to combine the absolutes or essential oils of all the flowers used for the enfleurages in this perfume, it would smell nothing like this perfume. The process of enfleurage, although tedious and laborious, truly captures the fragrance of the living breathing flower. This perfume is absolutely heavenly, divine ambrosia. It is the type of scent you want to drench yourself in from head to toe. I painstakingly refined the enfleurages to ensure their purity, and gently warmed the pomades together, and poured then into gorgeous, very expensive, and worthy glass jars topped with luxury gold lids. When I miss my Fairytale Garden this Winter, I will no doubt be anointing myself from collarbone to navel, and all my pulse points with this unbelievable perfume.

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