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The Lotus Whisperer Smudge Wand

The Lotus Whisperer Smudge Wand

The Lotus Whisperer....... A Nymph? A Fairy? A Witch? No one knows for sure.......


She keeps her secrets, and is certainly more humble than you or I would be, if we held her magic in our fingertips, or knew what it is she whispers to the lotus flowers, we'd most likely want to share it, show it off.


She visits the Frosted Forest once a year to bring the forest creatures yule-time cheer. Only a few have seen her, and those who have, although they think they were hiding behind the juniper and hemlock, were in fact allowed to witness her magic, and watch her from afar.


Always on the night of the one day of the year the wheel turns, The Lotus Whisperer comes. The pond she's chosen this year, amongst the many ponds and lakes in the Frosted Forest, lay covered in a thick layer of ice. The Lotus Whisperer stands at the waters edge, and begins her series of movements, to bring her lotus magic to life.


Her movements slow and intentional, as if telling a story, sending a message to the bottom of the pond, to the silt, to the minerals, to the waters beneath the ice. Once the movements are completed, she stands perfectly still, not a flutter of the eyelids, controlled and precise. Then, ever so faint, a cracking sound, now louder, and louder, the surface of the pond begins to crack in the shape of a spiral. From the cracks emerge lotus flower buds, frozen and closed. She opens her eyes, and begins to move slowly around the pond, a blue light spiraling from between her lips as she whispers to the lotus buds she's created. As she cirles the pond, blue fire on her tongue along with ancient words, the frozen lotus buds begin to open. One by one, the buds split, and by the time she's completed her circle around the pond, the magnificent blue lotus are aflame, open upon the ice.


By now the beings of the forest have heard the cracking sound of the ice, which echoed through the silent enchanted winter forest. They know too well the beautiful sight they are to behold, and the sweet, fine fragrance which will emanate from the magical blue lotus just above the icey pond. The Lotus Whisperer disappears before they gather around the pond, leaving her yearly gift behind.


The Lotus Whisperer Smudge Wand~Cedar, Balsam Fir Tips, Juniper with Berries, Ghost Pipe Flowers, Artemisia, Poppy Pods, Lemon Verbena Twigs, Yellow Yarrow, Lotus Flowers, a golden tigers eye, and blue lace agate crystal. Bound with a Lotus Whisper, and hemp.


Each smudge wand includes a glass potion bottle, corked with a golden cord inside, a piece of tea stained handmade paper is included.


Write a spell or your desire on a small piece of paper. Roll up the piece of paper and tie it to the end of the golden lotus cord.


The Knotted Ladder Spell uses the power of intention to manifest what you will. One must be in a state of meditation, your mind unbound from the boundaries of consciousness. You must envision what you seek with precise clarity. And most importantly, you must believe in your power to manifest what you will.


Beginning at the opposite end of the cord from where you tied your paper, begin to read the incantation aloud as you tie each knot.


By knot of one, this spells begun.

By knot of two, this spell is true.

By knot of three, this spell is free.

By knot of four, this spells power I store.

By knot of five, this spell will thrive.

By knot of six, this spell I fix.

By knot of seven, of earth and heaven.

By knot of eight, my will be fate.

By knot of nine, the spell is mine.


Once you have finished the final knot, light the smudge wand, and concentrate on manifesting what you will.


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