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The Scentkeeper~Custom Bespoke Perfume

The Scentkeeper~Custom Bespoke Perfume

I am the Scentkeeper. Over every life lived, a catalogue of nature's scents imprinted into my soul. My mission is and always has been to help us remember. To remember our roots. Where our existence began. Our story. Your story. My story. The story of us. The fragrances themselves, timekeepers, transporting us to eras, times, places we once knew. Deja vu. Something familiar that you just can't put your finger on. Did your path cross mine? Is it coincidence, or perhaps something you need to find that you didn't know you were looking for? A memory. A thought. Forgotten knowledge. Your journey through the universe relived. Let the Scentkeeper help you remember. 


I will create a custom perfume from my perfume organ palette of handcrafted organic perfume materials. You will be sent 3 variations to choose from, and will be provided with a beautiful thick walled glass roller bottle for your custom liquid perfume , or a thick walled french jar for your solid custom perfume, and a personally designed label. 

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