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The Starburst Faeries~Elderflower, Linden, Violet Cream

The Starburst Faeries~Elderflower, Linden, Violet Cream

1 oz in a pink glass jar. 4 pairs of silicone, gold infused, reusable eye crescents included. Best enjoyed within 6 months of purchase.


For all the lovers of my Violet and Elderflower Face Creams (Crowned Flowers, Forest Nymph Skin Food) this ones for you, or anyone who loves the scent and properties of Spring flowers.


For The Starburst Faeries version, I've created a more concentrated cream, with a focus on use around the eyes, but of course this lusciousness can be used on your entire face. Linden Flower joins the Elderflower and Violet this time, creating a formula that will help reduce puffiness, and smooth your delicate under eye skin. Each jar will have 4 sets of gold infused silicone crescent patches. They are amazing, and are applied under the eyes after the cream, to help it penetrate, to reduce puffiness, and plump skin. They can also be used on the sides of your mouth, on your forehead, or anywhere else on your face you desire to smooth wrinkles and plump skin. After use, wash and dry the silicone crescents to re-use over and over again.


Now onto the good stuff packed into this concentrated formula.......


Elderflower, a marvelous skin food, it's gentle astringency helps tone skin, and regenerate new skin cells. It has been shown to improve discoloration with continued use, reducing sun spots, acne scars and marks, and discoloration.


Linden Flower, provides powerful antioxidants which help slow down the aging process. It's ability to bind water helps hydration of the skin, giving skin a plump, smooth appearence.


Violet Flower and Leaf, a crowned jewel in my skincare extraction arsenal, it's the ultimate skin food. Violet flowers and leaves contain natural salicylic acid, which is far more gentler than the chemical skincare active. It works by accelerating skin cell turnover, which in turn reveals smoother skin and clear pores. It helps to prevent clogged pores and blackheads.


The formula consists of light berry seed oils and sugar squalane, which penetrate deeply, and offer their amazing antioxidants, fatty acids, and the alphabet of vitamins. The cream feels thick and substantial scooping it from the jar, but quickly melts and absorbs into skin, leaving skin feeling slippy and soft.


Ingredients: Blueberry Seed Oil, Blackberry Seed Oil, Cranberry Seed Oil, Plum Seed Oil, Sugar Squalane, Water, Ecocertified Cosmos Approved Natural Emulsifier, Vegetable Glycerin, Elderflower Absolute, Linden Flower Absolute, Violet Flower and Leaf Absolute, Ecocertified Cosmos Approved Natural Preservative


INCI Ingredients: Vaccinium corymbosum Seed Oil, Rubus fruticosus Seed Oil, Vaccinium macrocarpon Seed Oil, Prunus domestica Seed Oil, Sugar Squalane, Water Aqua, Cetearyl Olivate and Sorbitan Olivate, Vegetable Glycerin, Sambucus nigra Extract, Tilia cordata Extract, Viola odorata Extract, TriSTAT Eco Natural Preservative-Benzyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Caprylate and Glyceryl Undecylenate

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