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The Starburst Faeries~Starlight in Flight Perfume

The Starburst Faeries~Starlight in Flight Perfume

To wish upon a star, is to wish upon Starlight in Flight, A Starburst Faery flying through the night.......


Sun sweetened peaches, fermented into an alcohol of fragrant proportions, and the next year, I infused the floral blooms of our peach tree into that same alcohol of it's fruit. The next year, we moved to our cottage in the woods, and I buried the bottle in the back of the cabinet of fragrant curiousities, to bloom into something magical in the dark, and that it did. The alcohol notes evaporated, and the extract holds the scent of those sun sweetened peaches it began with, laced with the blossoms the same tree bloomed. I miss my peach tree, and this is the last I have of it besides the memories under it's branches, which touched the ground heavy with fruit, as I ate it's juicy, plump peaches.


To the precious peach blossom and fruit extract I added my handcrafted tinctures of Rare African Frankincense and Myrrh, Hyraceum/Africa Stone, Ambergris, and an absolute I created from dry Osmanthus flowers I obtain from a close friend in Thailand. She dries them to perfection, and when I receive them, they are golden, fragrant and delicious, like a package of Thailand sunshine.


The perfume was bottled and aged for half a decade. As I doted on its story, and experienced it fragrance unfold, I thought; Succulent golden light, not the Sun, but a Star, Starburst, Starlight, Starlight in Flight.......


Glades of glimmering glass

A kaleidescope of warmth

Gilded light cast

Buried in a sunset

Golden hour upon your shoulders

Then night falls next

The Moon sleeping, no where in sight

But the Stars still light up the night

Starlight in Flight

Make a wish

Starburst in your heart

For we are closer

Than world's apart


The Starburst Faeries Perfume~Starlight in Flight, is the trails of fallen stars captured and twirled into a sweet, complex, fruity floral perfume. It's unique, beautiful, diffusive, and long lasting. Stardust, blossoms, and stone fruit.

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