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The Story of The Starburst Faeries

The Story of The Starburst Faeries

Long ago, when mortals had yet to walk the planet, and the earth was warmed and lit from within. A star at it's core burned brightly, feeding sunlight to the lush plants and trees that covered it's surface, it's radiant light warming the surface of the earth, keeping life thriving. The warmest parts of the earth, closest to where the star sun radiated from it's surface, lived a race of fae called the Starburst Faeries.


Like the earth, their bodies were lit from within, the magic gleaming from their golden hearts, their skin luminous, a glow shrouding their petite frames. Their delicate wings, although fragile, enabled them to fly from one end of the earth to the other, as fast as the speed of light.


The Starburst Faeries duty upon the young earth was appointed by the gods and goddesses, and considered a great honor amongst their people. Each day they'd collect as much star shine and warmth as they could inside their little but mighty hearts, and they'd fly around the world, drenching the planet in golden light, spreading the stars rays from pole to pole.


When the Starburst Faeries were finished with their daily job, they'd return to their paradise of light. They were the happiest creatures on the earth, full of love and light. They slept little, did much, and never failed their duty. All was lovely and bright, that is until that fateful day that changed the Starburst Faeries forever.


The darkest of days began with the most evil of souls, the darkest of them all, The Darkness itself. His cold, black heart full of rot, and his brain plugged with pain and misery. From his small dark planet, he peered through his enchanted telescope, and watched the earth creatures bathe in their golden light everyday. Black with envy and full of stark jealousy, he hatched a plan to take their light, to plunge their world into darkness, to steal the star in the center of the earth.


A sorcerer he was, and all it required was a spell, a few magical ingredients, and the will to inflict his suffering on planet earth. He called upon the ugliest creatures in the universe, daemons, shadows, and black souls, and sent them to recover his prize. To add more horror to his evil deed, he chose a day most precious to the Starburst Faeries, their Festival of Lights, as it appeared to him, the day they celebrated and honored the Star which lit up their planet.


For the Starburst Faeries, the Festival of Lights was the merriest time of year. For 7 days they'd create and suspend small starburst around the planet, leading up to the Festival of Lights, the day when the collection of stars placed over the 7 days, lit the earth up brighter than any day of the year. The Starburst Faeries daily sprinkle of light upon the earth was put on hold for a day of celebration, kept warm and bright by the starbursts they'd laid across the sky. All creatures of earth would gather and bask in the golden rays.


Unbeknownst to the Starburst Faeries, as they placed their starbursts around the earth over the course of the Festival of Lights, dark eyes watched from behind the hazy ozone, from the black vacuum of space, planning their course, and the final steps for the evil plan instructed by The Darkness.


A young Starburst Faery, Luz , her first time placing starbursts during the Festival of Lights, zipped just a little too far past the ether, and the mess of darkness gobbled her up. Within moments, her love for her kind was far too strong for the darkness to hold, and from their eternal grasp she escaped, back to the ground of the earth. She knew exactly what was happening, as it had been prophesized by the long lived Queen Solara, and King Polarus.


The prophecy had come to the Starburst Faeries in what would seem a strange way for you or I, but for them it was a message of the future, that had come to the Queen and King by means of dreams. They both awoke in a panic, sweating, the Queen on the brink of tears, and the King in despair. They told each other of the warning they'd received in their dreams, and both dreams the same, they knew it was a true prophecy.


The goddess Juno had come to tell them of future times, a time forward on this timeline, and a duty that would one day be a great self sacrifice for the Starburst Faeries. A duty far more important than the one they currently performed each day on earth. She showed them how The Darkness would one day set his sights on the beings of earth, and would attempt to steal their light, their star from it's center. They were to create a Festival, a Festival of Lights, which would mark the day in which the prophecy would come into time.


Juno spoke of only one solution to save earth, all of the Starburst Faeries would need to collect more light than their hearts could hold, which would in turn cause each and every Starburst Faery to implode, and shoot into the sky, where they'd remain forever, as stars blanketing the darkness, feeding light to the planets and earth. Not only would their final act allow light to remain on earth, but in every dimension, plane, and planet of this universe.


"A balance of light and dark must be kept, and this, this is the only way. Queen Solara, King Polarus, you, and your people, are and always will be of great meaning. Never forget the soul will always live on, and yours, yours will be a source of greatness, a source of all that is. The light that creates the shadows," were the final words spoken by Juno.


After the prophecy, Queen Solara and King Polarus mourned if only for a moment, in which their sadness and grief quickly eroded, allowing them to garnish a new power, a knowing, a step ahead of The Darkness, a bigger meaning to it all. They created the Festival of Lights, for not only a celebration of life, but a celebration of the death that was to come. Every Starburst Faery was taught the prophecy from a young age, and told what the future would bring. All Starburst Faeries knew the day of doom would someday come, but instead of looking at it as a provocation and curse, they held it as a great honor, they would someday become the life force of all beings on earth and the source of all light in the universe.


The young Starburst Faery Luz, having escaped part of The Darkness, her feet now grounded back on earth, pushed opened the heavy wooden door that was only to be opened for one reason, the final Festival of Lights, the prophecies beginning. She climbed up the tower stairs, and once at the top clutched the thick rope that hung from the center of the towers bell. Time stood still for a moment as she slowly unknotted the rope from the golden fixture holding it in place. Luz lept from the landing, holding onto the rope, she flew back and forth, the bell ringing loud and clear.


The Starburst Faeries, no matter where on earth or in the sky, heard the bells distinctive ring, and immediately stopped whatever they were doing, and headed in the direction of the bell tower. By the time all of the Starburst Faeries had gathered, the King and Queen had spoken to Luz, who had relayed to them how she'd witnessed, been gobbled up by, and escaped from The Darkness.


Queen Solara and King Polarus climbed the bell tower, and once at the top, excited the landing onto the balcony that lay just outside the bell towers window. King Polarus grabbed Queen Solaras hand, intertwining his fingers between hers, and clutching it tightly. Queen Solara cleared her throat, took a deep breath, and began to speak to all of the Starburst Faeries;

  • Continued.......

    "My great people; bearers of light, bringers of star shine. You all know what the sound of the bell signifies, and indeed it is true, The Darkness is upon us. The time has come, what has been prophesized for thousands of years, our immortality, our duty to lay ourselves upon the blanket of night, to plant ourselves, our seeds of light, into The Darkness. It is our duty, our honor, to bloom across the sky, to warm, engulf, shine upon the intricacies of all that is, and only we can achieve what is needed. To keep light, and in return, life, perpetual and transcendent. The prophecy is ringing true today my brightly shining lovelies, and today we shall solidify the truth of our calling. To the center of the earth!"


    The Starburst Faeries cheered with pride, ready and willing to sacrifice themselves with honor and pride, to forever keep the light. They made their way to the center of the earth, to collect as much light within them as their hearts could hold, and to shoot off into the sky, like rockets, placing themselves into an endless night, into the black blanket of velvet. They were to be the other side of the shadows.


    The Starburst Faeries flew together, and quickly reached the center of the earth as The Darkness began to close in on earth. As The Darkness got closer, he began to extinguish the light balls from the sky that had been strung for the Festival of Lights. One by one each light was sucked into his black hole, like a hungry dragon gone mad, eating fireballs from the sky. It proved to be the ultimate distraction, bidding the Starburst Faeries just enough time to complete their quest, to deliver their destiny to the sky, ether, and beyond. 


    As the sky grew darker, the Starburst Faeries filled their golden hearts and bodies with as much light as each could hold. As they did so, they shot into the sky like reverse shooting stars, where they placed themselves in clusters with loved ones. The clusters of stars formed constellations, together, yet each star holding a purpose, shining in solidarity and brilliance.


    King Polarus and Queen Solara, now the last of the Starburst Faeries to stand on earth, stood at the center of the earth. Together, hand in hand, with all of their heart and might, they filled themselves with the last of the golden light. And with that, they burst, shot up into the sky, lighting up the earth for moments before they took the most important positions in the sky. Queen Solara, The Sun, the mother of all life on earth, for without her, we would not be. And King Polarus, The North Star, guiding the way for life on earth, the source to find your direction. 


    The Darkness, having underestimated the Starburst Faeries, watched in anger, in disbelief, until the very last words that sprang from Queen Solara's lips as she burst, rang throughout his being "Without darkness, there is no light". The Darkness, in this fraction of a moment, realized his importance to the universe, and with that knowledge planted, it split him at the seams, into many parts, creating black holes through out the universe, giving The Darkness a meaning, a place to hide, a place to reside, a place to be.  All was now how it should be, how the creators intended. The heavens bathed in light beams, hells shadows cast by light leaking through the underground, and the light now distributed through the cosmos, bringing balance of light and dark to the universe for eternity. 

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