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The Will O' Wisps~Perfume

The Will O' Wisps~Perfume

The Will O' Wisps

When your path is unclear

They will appear

When your current state is disarray

They will try to lead you astray

When your world comes undone

They are the not the one

To follow

Into the hollow

Through the forest

They'll guide you

To a twisted fate

Using tricks and bait

So do not follow them when you see their ethereal blue light

And hear their whispers into the night

For you'll be walking straight into a trap

Whether following a trail or a map

Immediately turn the other way on your path

Or they'll have with you as they may, surely mishaps

Mischief and mayhem, chaos ensues

With many problems to solve, and all kinds of issues

Heed these warnings if you see their blue light

And resist their temptations with all of your might!


The Will O' Wisps are magical, playful fae creatures known to the Celtic people as mischief makers who lead mortals to a lesson they need to learn. If one is to be rewarded with something they do not deserve, The Will O' Wisps will make it right. They lead those undeserving astray by means of temptation, until a lesson is learned. Once the lesson is learned, all can be restored as long as it is taken to heart.


When creating this perfume, I imagined what it'd be like to follow the Wisps through the thick forest, their magical scent trailing behind them as they skip, bop, and waver through the windy forest trail. I'd imagine the scent of moss and fern wafting from their leather shoes, and nectar rich flowers leaving pollen stains on the cuffs of their clothing after picking blossoms in the wee morning hours. Fruit and Spice, oh yes, they smell of the rich spices they use in their potions and spells, and the dehydrated fruits they carry for a snack. Of course the final touch is the scent of brisk forest air, which permeates their hair, and lingers on their clothing.


My Tuberose and Hyacinth Flower Enfleurage Extraits, sweet and rich, are chilled with cool spices, woods, moss, and resins. A spicy, sleek, long lasting, sensual, delicious oriental forest amber.


Handcrafted Extractions of: Tuberose and Hyacinth Enfleurage extracted into Organic Sugar Ethanol to create an Extrait, Cool-toned Juniper Berry Tincture, Cinnamon Bark Tincture, Nutmeg Tincture, Clove Tincture, Bushman Candle Tincture, Sandalwood Tincture, Frankincense Resin Tincture, Opoponax Tincture, Dry Patchouli Leaf Tincture, Fermented Fig Tincture, Labdanum Leaf Tincture, Fermented Honey Mead Fruit and Honey Mead Ethanol Tincture, Seville Orange Leaf Tincture, Oakmoss Tincture. Set in organic food grade alcohol and our own organic high proof honey alcohol.

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