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Violet and Willow Honey Facial Cleanser

Violet and Willow Honey Facial Cleanser

4 ounces in a reusable glass pump bottle Shelf life is 6 months.


This is the Autumn version of my very popular and effective Honey-based Violet Cleanser. This fresh batch contains Autumn Honey from our hives and the new addition of my handcrafted Willow Bark Glycerite.


My fresh Violet Flower and Leaf Glycerite and Black and White Willow Bark Glycerite combine with Raw Honey from our organic, treatment free honey bee hives, and a very gentle, mild coconut derived soap, to create a silky, foaming cleanser that lifts away dirt and pollution, clears pores, while imparting it's moisturizing, humectant properties, plumping and hydrating skin.


The violet leaf and flower, willow bark, and honey cool and sooth redness and inflammation, and the addition of propolis extract helps to combat acne and skin irritations. The pH of the product, along with the propolis extract, create a self preserving product which utilizes hurdle technology. This cleanser is 100% natural and organic. The formulation is 70% honey, and it looks and smells exactly like honey. It is not sticky though, but rather silky, and spreads across your skin easily while foaming up to create clouds of whippy, gentle bubbles. It rinses completely clean without stripping skin, and leaves skin hydrated, moisturized, and incredibly, shockingly soft. Extremely gentle and suitable for all skin types. There is absolutely no added fragrance, but it smells exactly like honey due to the raw honey and propolis extract.


This cleanser is awesome for treating and preventing the maskne that pops up under face masks! It will combat and prevent fungal and bacterial acne with continued use. I have very sensitive, breakout prone skin, and I cannot live without this cleanser! This is due to the natural salicylic acid in Violet leaf and Willow bark. It is not harsh like the synthetic version, but very gentle and non irritating, while being just as effective.


The new formula is now more bubbly and concentrated, due to the new, natural soap in the formulation. And just as gentle and nurturing!


Ingredients: Raw Honey, Violet Leaf and Flower Glycerite, Willow Bark Glycerite, Coconut Derived Soap, Propolis Extract, Violet Leaf Extract


INCI Ingredients: Mel Raw Honey, Viola Odorata Glycerite, Salix nigra and Salix alba Glycerite, Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, Propolis Extract, Viola Odorata Extract

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