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Whispers From The Trees~Solid Perfume

Whispers From The Trees~Solid Perfume

20 ml of solid perfume set into beautiful, handcrafted green clay perfume pots, created by artisan Jess Rene at Singing Pots .


You enter the forest

And lend your ear to the call

At first

Just the wind rustling the leaves

But then

You listen closer

Close your eyes

Do not hear what you can only see

And then you hear

You hear the whispers

No longer a rattling amongst the branches

But a song, a telling, a story, a message

You open your eyes

Now certain you can hear while seeing

The blurred lines are no longer invisible

You see the in-between

The giving hearts of the trees

They see you too

They sense your warmth

They whisper "we have a gift for you"

And call you closer

As you begin to move closer

You realize

You are all but an essence

You are a whisper too

For the moment

The whispers grow clearer

And now you can hear what they say

You thought you could before

But then

But then you didn't understand

But now

Now you listen with your heart

Gift in hand


A gift from the trees, our artisan distillation "Whispers from the Trees" created from the forest trees that grow on our land, and the plants that grow beside them in our organic garden. The plantation sandalwood and frankincense resin distilled with our botanicals is sourced, and is fair trade and sustainable. The essential oil from this distillation is absolutely glorious, and radiates with the energy of the Jade Forest. If you listen closely you may hear the Whispers from the Trees.......


The fragrance is well rounded and balanced; green, fresh, balsamic, resinous, sweet, and crisp. For me it smells exactly like if you were to step into the forest just after it's rained in the Summer, the sun now out, peaking through the trees, warming your skin, and you inhale deeply, the fresh scent of the forest cools your lungs, and is immensely satisfying. The scent of the trees, crisp like the cold snap of a freshly picked vegetable or fruit, immerses you in all it's green, while each step you take releases the cool, familiar fragrance of the damp moss, leaf litter, roots, violet leaves, mushrooms and sweet ferns underfoot. The solid perfume within these pots epitomizes not only the fragrance of the forest, but also the feeling you get while breathing in the forest. It takes forest bathing to the in-between, to allow you to hear what is unseen.


The essential oil from our distillation is swirled into jojoba oil and our own raw beeswax with a willow spoon, and poured into beautiful handcrafted, glazed ceramic pots made by craftswoman Jess, and fired in her kiln at her studio Singing Pots. Each pot holds a full size, 1/2 ounce of fragrant solid perfume, and is wooden corked sealed. Our artisan co-distillation consisted of;


Eastern Hemlock Needles and Green Cones (Tsuga canadensis) (from our forest)

Black Mug Frankincense (Fair Trade, sourced Boswellia Sacra)

Artemisia Flowering Tops (A. alba-herba, A. princeps, A. vulgaris)

Seville Orange Leaves (from our garden trees)

Lemon Verbena Leaves and Twigs (from our garden trees)

Plantation grown, sourced Sandalwood (Santulum spicata)

To infuse this magical balm even further with an imprint from the trees, I added my handcrafted Norway Spruce Resin and Needle absolute, created from needles and resin collected in our forest, and oakmoss/cedarmoss absolute, created from hand collected lichens from our forest.


The magic in these pots is potent. Only a dab is needed on pulse points to transform unbind your ears....... to hear the Whispers from the Trees.......

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