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Winter Jasmine Pressed Oil Balm

Winter Jasmine Pressed Oil Balm

2 oz in a frosted glass jar. Best enjoyed within 1 year of purchase.


Jasmina giggled as she ducked behind the leafless, frozen trees, out of sight. The last thing she wanted was to be seen before she could complete her fragrant, floral surprise. "Whew, that was close," she said to herself after a group of fae passed by without noticing her. She continued to press the pink Winter Jasmine petals into the snow. Once the last petal was placed she snapped her fingers. The petals began to dance through the air, spirals of magic behind them. As each petal carved its way through the air, a vine appeared. The vines began to root through the snow, and into the Frosted Forest floor. Leaves materialized, then tightly wound buds of fleshy pink. The buds began to unravel, their soft pink petals the same as Jasmina had laid upon the snow.


Jasmina stepped back to marvel at her handy work. The vines hung tree to tree, forming a thick lattice of garland like jasmine vines, flush with blossoms. She leapt towards the flowers, sniffing the air as she made her way to an open flower. She let out a deep breathe, pressed her nose into the flower, and took a deep breath in.


"The scent of jasmine, it never does get old, does it?" She said as she winked at the old snow owl who had been curiously watching.


My handcrafted Pink Winter Jasmine Absolute is the star of this pressed oil balm. It's beautiful, sweet scent compliments it's skin nourishing properties, which I find to be rejuvenating, balancing, while also helping to bring plumpness and elasticity back to skin. The creation of the Pink Winter Jasmine Absolute was tedious and very involved. To create the organic extract, organic alcohol was infused with fresh pink winter Jasmine flowers, filtered, and repeated with fresh flowers daily until the food grade organic alcohol reached saturation. The alcohol was evaporated completely, and a beautifully fragrant, silky waxy absolute was recovered. Paired with Blue Indigo infused Jojoba oil, and our artisan co-distillation of Yarrow, German Chamomile, and Polish Chamomile, both contribute to the cool blue tone. The cooling and anti-inflammatory effects of the Yarrow and Chamomile not only soothe skin, but the sweet wildflower scent intertwines with the Jasmine, forming a beautiful floral fragrance to match it's healing qualities. I've added an incredible, sourced organic Sandalwood co2 extraction, which smells amazing, and adds the benefits of keeping skin toned and balanced. Chamomile derived Bisabolol adds anti-inflammatory and skin healing benefits, a stand out skincare ingredient I love to use for it's soothing, effective properties. Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, and Sugar Squalane Oil provide skin with deep moisturization and key fatty acids your skin needs. A small amount of Candelila Wax presses the silky oils and extracts into an easy to use concentrated balm. The balm melts immediately with your body heat, and absorbs into skin quickly.


The feel of this pressed oil balm as you apply it is truly magic. It is silky and emollient, yet skin immediately drinks it in, absorbing completely, and leaving no greasiness behind. When you first apply the pressed oil balm, it has the most amazing soothing, cooling effect that I have been totally obsessed with. After being out in the cold winter elements for a few hours, and forgetting to apply skincare before going outside, I came inside to find my cheeks and lips chapped from the cold. I applied this pressed oil balm immediately after washing my skin with my Frozen Flowers Cream Face Wash (which is equally cooling, soothing, and gentle), and oh my goodness the relief was magnificent! The instant cooling effect feels so great, and when I awoke the next morning, my skin was not red or chapped, but soothed, calm, and moisturized.


The natural blue hue is due to the vibrant blue of the indigo infusion and the gorgeous blue color of the yarrow and chamomile co-distillation. The blue hue can actually instantly cancel out redness, giving skin a more even appearance. With continued use, the anti-inflammatory compounds chamazulene/azulene, both present in the co-distillation, help to reduce redness and skin inflammation. This is beneficial not only for chapped, dry skin, but can also help combat the redness and irritation associated with acne and rosacea.


I love Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Pumpkin Seed Oil, not only because both are non-comedogenic and won't clog pores, but because they are packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins your skin needs to thrive. The Squalane oil is derived from sugar, and is known to have powerful anti-inflammatory effects on skin, and it penetrates deeply, carrying other active ingredients deeper into the skin.


And last but not least this wouldn't be a woodland confection without a piece of the forest, and so I've included liquid gold Balsam Fir Resin, to help firm a protective, invisible barrier, and lend it's anti-inflammatory benefits and antimicrobial properties to the anhydrous formula.


The fragrance of this balm is invigorating, and smells like Jasmine and Wildflowers scattered over slabs of Precious Woods. It's simply divine, envoking a daily ritual of cocooning your body in it's fragrant scent song.


Ingredients: Blue Indigo Infused Jojoba Oil, Sugar Squalane, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Balsam Fir Resin, Pink Winter Jasmine Absolute, Yarrow and Chamomile Co-distillation, Chamomile Derived Bisabolol, Sandalwood CO2 Extract, Candelila Wax


INCI Ingredients: Indigofera tinctoria/Simmondsia chinensis Seed Oil, Sugar Squalane, Cucurbita pepo Seed Oil, Opuntia ficus indica Seed Oil, Abies balsamea Resin, Jasmine Polyanthum Extract, Achillea Millifolium and Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Essential Oil, Bisabolol, Sandalwood CO2 Extract, Candelilla cera Wax

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