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Witch of the Woods~Solid Perfume

Witch of the Woods~Solid Perfume

20 ml of solid perfume set into beautiful, handcrafted green clay perfume pots, created by artisan Jess Rene at Singing Pots .


Deep in the forest, down the forgotten path, past the twisted trees, is a fork in the road. Both trails lead to the same place, a tiny cabin in the middle of the wood. It's chimney is always piping, and the flowers forever bloom. Patches of herbs, and gardens spelled out in the dirt.

A peek through the window, reveals corked glass bottles, and jars full to the brim with roots, seeds, and dried plants. Heaps of magic lurk on the shelves, alongside the old animated spell book. A set of keys dangles from a nail on a hook, and bundles of herbs hang from the ceiling. In the center of the cabin, sits a cast iron cauldron, a magic spoon stirs what is bubbling inside.


The fireplace is lit, burning birch and maple, and a black cat sleeps on hides and furs laid out on the old oak floor. An extensive library full of magical books and texts, makes the big old purple velvet chair look small, where another black cat sits perched on its arm, just having come in from the woods.


The counter is spread out with ingredients, and on a stool wittled from wood, sits the immortal Witch of the Woods. Long black hair to her waist, shiny and clean. Her herringbone corset hugs her small waist, her petite stature not intimidating at all, and her face looks to be that of a young woman, though she is hundreds of years old.


The children in town have a rhyme they sing as they jump rope, or skip down the hopscotch;


The Witch of the Woods

The Witch of the Woods

That's who

And what is her secret you may ask? Why, it is the spells that she casts

She knows the secret to youth,

is not what you see with your eyes,

but rather your years in disguise.

Her perfume she wears,

is not what it appears,

but rather a magical veil,

to cover up her years.......

The Witch of the Woods

The Witch of the Woods

That's who


The Witch of the Woods creates a spicy amber perfume in her bubbling cauldron.

Sprigs of Lavender bloom from Blue Hemlock, spicy and sweet. Clary Sage flower stalks meld into blossoming Gardenias and Rose. Coumaric Tonka Bean compliments Vanilla and Ambrette in the dry down, with whispers of sweet Labdanum and Cedarmoss. It all melds into a spicy autumn amber, that is long lasting and diffusive.


Handcrafted Extractions of; Lavender Absolute created with the flowers of several of our garden grown varieties, Clary Sage Flower and Seed Absolute, Blue Hemlock Needle and Green Cone artisan distillation, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Bean, and Ambrette Seed Co-Absolute, Cedarmoss Resinoid/Absolute, Labdanum Resinoid/Absolute. Set in Rose and Gardenia Enfleurage Pomades (Jojoba Oil, Shea Nilotica, and Raw Beeswax laid with gardenias and roses over the season).

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